Flowing Hair Chain Cents - Immediate public Disapproval!

The new chain cents were designed by Henry Voigt. They were made during early March of 1793.

On the obverse of these copper coins is a very rough portrait of liberty that is in low relief. Liberty's hair is extremely wild and looks as though she is either in a fright or angry.

The reverse of the coin features a 15 link chain that is supposed to signify strength and unity. However, this was mis-interpreted by the public as being pro-slavery. The public was outraged at the design of

the large cents and they forced David Rittenhouse, mint director at that time, to order a change in design of the coin. This happened later in 1793 and resulted in the wreath cents being designed.

Although this Liberty coin only
lasted a few months and was never generally accepted for circulation they are a favorite of many collectors.

Coin Specifications:
Designer: Henry Voigt
Weight: 13.48 grams
Composition: 100% Pure Copper
Diameter: 26-27mm
Edge: Bars and slender vine

A slightly different variety

Pictured at the left is a slightly different variety. The most notable difference is that it has "AMERI" spelled out instead of AMERICA. Also, most all of these coins will have minor changes in them. These differences are due
to primitive engraving and the fact that
every die is different. The materials used to make the dies were not great causing them
to wear out quickly. Thus creating a need for another to be made.

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