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Half Cents
Liberty Cap Type head to left (1793 only)
Liberty Cap Type head to right (1794-1797)
Draped Bust Type (1800-1808)
Classic Head Type (1809-1836)
Braided Hair Type (1840-1857)

Large Cents
Flowing Hair - Chain Cents (1793 only)
Flowing Hair - Wreath Cents (1793 only)
Liberty Cap Type (1793-1796)
Draped Bust Type (1796-1807)
Classic Head Type (1808-1814)
Coronet Type - Matron (1816-1835)
Coronet Type - Braided Hair (1835-1857)

Small Cents
Flying Eagle Type (1856-1858)
Indian Laurel Wreath (1859 only)
Indian Oak Wreath (1860-1864)
Indian Head Cents Bronze (1864-1909)
Lincoln Wheat Pennies (1909-1958)
Lincoln Steel Pennies (1943 only)
Lincoln Memorial Type (1959-2008)


Three Cent Silver Var. 1 (1851-1853)
Three Cent Silver Var. 2 (1854-1858)
Three Cent Silver Var. 3 (1859-1873)
Nickel Three Cent (1865-1889)

Shield Nickel with Rays (1866-1867)
Shield Nickels no Rays (1867-1883)
V Nickel no CENTS (1883 only)
V Nickels with CENTS (1883-1913)
Buffalo Nickel Raised Ground (1913 only)
Buffalo Nickels Level Ground (1913-1938)
Jefferson Silver Nickels (1942-1945)
Jefferson Nickels (1938-2003)

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