Double Eagle - A favorite of investors and collectors alike!

The Double Eagle is a U.S. Twenty dollar gold coin. They were produced in the United States from 1850 to 1933. US gold coins ceased production in 1933 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt's issued Executive Order 6102. This order required all Americans to trade in their gold coins for paper money.

Most people called this a confiscation, when in actuality it was only a trade of gold coins for paper money. The paper money had the same purchasing power as the coins back then.

The California Gold Rush was one of the factors that prompted the United States Mint

to begin production of twenty dollar gold coins in 1850. The huge amounts of gold pouring from Sutter’s Mill and surrounding areas made the metal easy for the Mint to buy in quantities for coin production.

In the present day US gold coins are getting

more and more difficult to obtain. As the price of gold increases, they too increase in value. Rare gold coins are a favorite of investors as a hedge on inflation. If they are bought correctly and knowledgeably gold coins can also be a great long term investment. From a collector’s standpoint, this denomination provides both a

challenge and pride of ownership.

The six different varieties for this denomination include.

Liberty no Motto TWENTY D. (1849-1866)
Liberty Motto TWENTY D. (1866-1876)

Liberty Motto TWENTY DOLLARS (1877-1907)
St Gaudens High Relief (1907 only)
St Gaudens no Motto (1907-1908)
St Gaudens with Motto (1908-1933)

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