Half Cents - The smallest face value coin in US history!

Half cents are the lowest face value coin in US Mint history. They began production in 1793 and ended in 1857. They were only minted in some years and in very low quantities. The small copper coins were never greatly popular and most of them were held in storage at the mint long after production.

Today, for the most part, these small copper coins are scarce. This fact makes the denomination a great challenge for coin collectors who put together complete sets. It would be difficult at best to find some of the rare dates. Then, if you did find them, the

price would be too much for the average coin
collector to afford.

These coins are about the size of a quarter and had the purchasing power of about a dime in today's terms. The US Mint halted production in 1857 when the rise of goods

and services increased to the point that the small copper coins were no longer needed. The mint produced five different major varieties and they are listed at the right from top to bottom. Click on the link below to see more information regarding that given series.

Liberty Cap Type head to left (1793 only)
Liberty Cap Type head to right (1794-1797)
Draped Bust Type (1800-1808)
Classic Head Type (1809-1836)
Braided Hair Type (1840-1857)

For a great website geared towards beginner coin collecting, Click here.

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