Sacagawea Dollar

The Sacagawea dollar coin began its production at the US Mint in 2000. It is the Mint's second attempt at replacing paper dollars. This coin was nicknamed the "Golden Dollar" due to its color when it is first minted. However, when they enter circulation the coins quickly tarnish.

The obverse of this these dollars was designed by Glenna Goodacre. It depicts Sacagawea, a Shoshone Indian woman who traveled with the Lewis and Clark expedition from 1804-1806. She also carried with her an infant son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau on the journey. Since

no actual photos are known, the face on the coin was modeled on a modern Shoshone-Bannock woman named Randy'L He-dow Teton.

The reverse of the coin shows a flying eagle with the inscriptions "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the denomination "ONE DOLLAR" surrounding the entire design. Also
"E PLURIBUS UNUM" is positioned to the left of the eagle.

Coin Specifications:
Designer Obv: Glenna Goodacre
Designer Rev: Thomas D Rogers
Weight: 8.10 grams
Comp: 77.0% Copper, 12.0% Zinc
7.0% Manganese and 4% Nickel alloy,
bonded to a pure copper core.
Diameter: 26.5mm
Edge: Plain

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