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Kangaroo - Name given to the Gold bullion coins produced by the Royal Australian Mint. These, along with the Canadian Mapleleafs are among the purest gold coins in the world.

Key / Key Date - A coin that is among the toughest and most expensive to obtain within a series.

King of Coins - Usually refers to the famed 1804 Silver dollar.

KM number - Chet Krause/Clifford Mishler number assigned to a coin in popular reference books.

Knife edge - Synonym for wire edge.

Knife Rim - A result of the minting process when a piece of extruding metal on the rim of a coin caused by metal forced between the die and collar. It is usually caused by the collar being stretched slightly over time. Knife Rim coins were objectionable because they did not eject properly from the dies and did not stack properly. Also known as Wired Edge.

Koala - Name given to the Platinum bullion coins produced by the Royal Australian Mint. These are some of the purest platinum coins produced in the world.

Krause - A numismatic publishing company (Krause Publications).

Krugerrand - Name given to the bullion-gold coins produced by the South African Mint. This was the world's first ever, government-backed gold coin produced. Long time favorite of collectors and investors. Krugerrand's usually sell for a lower premium than some of the other bullion coins produced by other countries. They are composed of .9167 fine gold, and are made in 1-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and tenth-ounce sizes.

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