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Lamination - A form of planchet flaw caused by imperfections in the metal, whereby a thin strip of the metal separates itself from the coin.

Large cent - A large copper U.S. coin - issued from 1793 until 1857 - valued at one-hundredth of a dollar. It was later replaced by a much smaller cent made from a copper-nickel alloy.

Large date - Term referring to the size of the digits of the date on a coin. The use of this term implies that a medium or small date exists for the coin or series.

Large Eagle - Synonym for Heraldic Eagle.

Large letters - Term referring to the size of the lettering of the date on a coin. The use of this term implies that medium or small letters exist for the coin or series.

Large Motto - Synonym for the 1864 two-cent coin with large lettering for the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”. Congress mandated this inscription for all coinage and it has been used on nearly every coin since that time.

Large size - A term referring to the particular diameter of a coin in a series. The use of this term implies that there is a small size with the same motif. An example would be the large diameter Quarter Eagles of 1821-1834.

Laureate - Head crowned with laurel wreath.

LD - Acronym for large date.

Legal tender - Money that may be legally offered in payment of an obligation and that a creditor must accept as payment.

Legal tender bullion coin - Government issued precious metal coins produced for investors, they have legal tender status, and usually a nominal face value, even though they are not intended to circulate as currency.

Legend - The principle inscription on a coin other than the denomination or nation which issued it.

Lepton - Denomination of various values and weights used throughout the ancient Greek world and in modern Greece, generally a small copper or bronze coin.

Lettered Edge - The narrow edge of a coin bearing an inscription, found on some foreign and older United States coins.

Lettering - The alphabet characters used in creating legends, mottos, and other inscriptions on a coin.

Liard - An old French copper coin equal in value to three Deniers or 1/4 of a Sol.

Lib - Term for Liberty Head.

Libertad - A silver bullion coin of Mexico, containing 1 ounce of .999 fine silver.

Liberty - A symbolic figure used in many U.S. coin designs.

Liberty Cap - The head of Miss Liberty, with a cap on a pole by her head. This design was used on certain U.S. half cents and large cents.

Liberty Head - The design used on most U.S. gold coins from 1838 until 1908. Morgan silver dollars and Barber coinage are also sometimes referred to as Liberty Head coins.

Liberty Seated - The motif featuring Miss Liberty seated on a rock first used on the Gobrecht dollars of 1836-1839. This design was used on nearly all regular issue silver coinage from 1837 through 1891.

Lignadenarist - A collector of wooden nickels and similar items.

Lincoln - Synonym for a Lincoln Head cent.

Lincoln cent - Cent designed by Victor D. Brenner that was first issued in 1909 and continues through today, although the reverse design was changed to the Memorial Reverse in 1959.

Lint Mark - A small, thin, irregular depression on a coin's surface caused by a piece of lint adhering to the die or planchet during the minting process.

LL - Acronym for large letters.

Long Beach - Synonym for the Long Beach Coin and Stamp Exhibition held in Long Beach, California, America’s largest commercial coin show.

Loonie - Popular name for the Canadian loon dollar coin first issued in 1987.

Lot - A unique number assigned by an auction house to an item or items sold in a particular sale.

Loupe - A type of magnifying glass used by numismatists and jewelers.

Love token - A coin which has been altered by smoothing one or both surfaces and engraving initials, scenes, messages, etc., thereon.

Luster - The glossy brilliance of a coin seen from the reflection of light off the flow lines.

Lustrous - A term used to describe a coin that still has its original mint bloom.

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