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J / Judd - J. Hewitt Judd, M.D. was a numismatic author who compiled the first edition of United States Pattern, Experimental and Trial Pieces in 1959. This guide is the standard reference for collectors, and most often pattern coins are referred to by Judd numbers.

Jefferson nickel - The five-cent coin being struck from 1938 to present and featuring Thomas Jefferson on its obverse. Felix Schlag was the designer.

Jeton - A small medal, counter, or token.

Jugate - Conjoined busts facing the same direction slightly offset from each other in such a way as to allow the bottom bust to be partially seen while the top bust is shown in its entirety. Several examples of this occur in the obsolete commemorative half dollar series. One example would be the 1923 Monroe doctrine Centennial Half.

Juice - Refers to the buyer's commission paid in a public auction.

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