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ICG - Acronym for Independent Coin Grading Company.

ICTA - The government affairs and lobbying group for the rare coin and precious metal industry. Stands for Industry Council for Tangible Assets.

Impaired proof - A proof coin with wear or damage resulting from circulation or mishandling.

Inaugural medal - A medal issued by the official inaugural committee commemorating the inauguration of a U.S. president.

Incomplete strike - A coin that is missing design detail because of a problem during the striking process. An incomplete strike may be due to insufficient striking pressure or improperly spaced dies.

Incuse - The design of a coin which has been impressed below the coin's surface. When the design is raised above the coins surface it is said to be in relief. An example of an incused design is the Indian head quarter and half eagles.

Indian cent - A one cent coin minted from 1859 to 1909.

Indian head - The preferred name for the 5-cent coin often called "Buffalo nickel." Indian Head cents, gold dollars, gold $3 coins, $5 half eagles and $10 eagles.

Indian head eagle - The Saint-Gaudens designed ten-dollar gold coin struck from 1907 until 1933.

Indian peace medal - A medal issued by a government agency to an Indian in an attempt to earn goodwill. The U.S. government issued Indian peace medals from the administration of George Washington through the administration of Andrew Johnson.

Indian penny - Synonym for Indian Head cent.

Ingot - An oblong piece of cast metal, usually of gold or silver, with weight and fineness specified used in the production of coins.

Inscription - Words, numerals or abbreviations on a coin - other than dates, mintmarks or engraver's signatures.

Intaglio - A method of printing using engraved plates. Paper is forced into the ink-filled lines of the plate, leaving a raised line of ink on the paper. All U.S. paper money is printed by the intaglio method.

Intrinsic value - The value of the metal(s) contained in a numismatic item. The United States issues contained their intrinsic value in metal until 1933 for gold coins and 1964 for silver coins. Modern U.S. coins are termed fiat currency.

Investment Grade - Refers to the grade of a coin that is targeted to investors. These coins tend to be relatively common, in relatively but not extremely high grade.

Iridescent - Probably the most desirable form of toning on a silver or nickel coin. Iridescent toning covers virtually all of the coin’s surface, while still permitting all of the coin’s natural luster to shine through with its full intensity.

Irradiated dime - Collectible made by exposing Roosevelt dimes to cesium or other radioactive substance and then placing in a special package; harmless, as any "acquired radioactivity" has dissipated by the time it reaches collectors' hands.

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