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U.S. Gold - Marketing name for American Arts Gold Medallions.

Ultra Cameo - A term used, most notably by NGC, to denote Proof coins that have deeply frosted devices and lettering that contrast with the mirror fields.

Ultra High Relief - Alternate name for the Extremely High Relief.

Ultra rare - A coin or other numismatic item that is represented by only a few examples.

Uncirculated - A Mint State coin free of any trace of wear.

Uncirculated set - Set of coins issued by the U.S. Mint, consisting of one of each coin issued for circulation. Also called Uncirculated Mint set, or unofficially, a Mint set.

Uncut sheet - Refers to the 32-note sheets of Federal Reserve notes being sold by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The 16-note and four-note sheets being sold are cut partial sheets, although they are often referred to as uncut sheets. Earlier sheets of U.S. paper money came with different numbers of notes.

Uniface - Refers to a coin with a design on only one side, the other side blank.

Unique - An item of which one specimen only is known to exist.

United States note - A specific type of note first authorized in 1862 and called legal tender notes; name officially changed to United States notes in July 1873.

Upgrade - Refers to a coin being resubmitted to one of the third-party certification services and being returned in a higher grade. As the certified grade of a coin plays such a large role in determining its value, a one-point "upgrade" on the Sheldon scale could mean a significant increase in value.

Upsetting Mill - The machine that forms the raised edge or rim of a coin.

Used - Term used to describe a coin that has light to heavy wear or circulation.

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